Pool Table Service

We Specialize in Pool Table service, with many years experience and being fully insured gives us the title “Professional” Pool Table service!

List of Professional Pool Table service we provide.

  1. Complete pool table move within the same house
  2. Recovering in new cloth
  3. Disassembling
  4. Reassembling
  5. Replace rubber cushions
  6. Crating slates
  7. Relevel Pool table
  8. Complete relevel and reseaming the slates

To help us give you an accurate quote,We will ask you the following questions…

  1. Size of your pool table’s Play Surface. The play surface is only the area where the pool ball can travel. Start measuring from where the ball hits the cushion to the other side where the ball hits the cushion.
    1. 7’ pool table play surface dimensions are 39” x 78”
    2. 8’ pool table play surface dimensions are 44” x 88”
    3. 8 ½‘ pool table play surface dimensions are 46” x 92”
    4. 9’ pool table play surface dimensions are 50” x 100”
  2. The town or zip code involved.
  3. Ball Return system or Pocket pool table
  4. Is the pool table coin operated? All coin operated pool tables are designed with a one piece Slate. We do not service one piece slate tables.
  5. Approximate age. Antique age (over 60 years)
  6. The manufacturer’s name is very helpful. The logo name plate is usually found on the head rail.
  7. Sending us a photo is worth a thousand words. All photos can be emailed to buoybilliards@verizon.net